DG-33: Can you provide highlights of what are expected to be the requirements of the DG RFP? What is the qualification form used for?

The requirements for participation in the Utility Distributed Generation request for proposals (“DG RFP”), including required documentation, will be stated in the RFP Rules which will be posted March 27, 2017 to the ‘Final Materials’ section of the Spring Utility DG page of the procurement website. The qualification form is used for you to provide the required information and upload required documents. You can register for an account to receive login credentials to use the qualification form by completing the Qualification Registration Form and selecting the “Spring Utility DG” category. Login credentials are issued the day before the Part 1 Window opens, which is March 28, 2017.

Highlights of the requirements under the DG RFP include:

  • Each system presented in the proposal must be a distributed renewable energy generation device, i.e., it must be limited in nameplate capacity to 2,000 kW, behind the customer meter, and interconnected at the distribution level of an electric utility, alternative retail electric supplier, municipal utility, or a rural electric cooperative in Illinois.
  • The Bidder must be either the system owner or an aggregator that has ownership of the RECs of the systems or the contractual right to legally transfer or assign RECs from the systems.
  • Each bidder must provide a letter of credit in an amount of $4/REC.
  • The minimum bid size is 1 MW.
  • If Bids for a Bidder are approved by the Commission, the Bidder will deliver RECs to a utility under its applicable supplier contract at a single blended average price per REC for each Product (i.e., an average price for systems below 25 kW and another average price for systems between 25 and 2,000 kW). The single blended average price per REC for a Product will be calculated on the basis of the Bidder’s Bids for the RECs of that Product under contract with that utility.
  • To the extent possible, 50% of RECs procured will come from systems below 25 kW.

Please also note that, to assist bidders preparing to participate in the DG RFP, the Procurement Administrator has made an early release of information and documents, including samples of documentation required in certain cases. Please consult the Final Materials page of the Spring Utility DG section of the procurement website ( You may also view materials of prior DG RFPs using the “Previous RFPs” link of the procurement website (