DG-76: Can you provide more information on M-RETS and GATS and their relevance for the Utility DG RFP?

M-RETS and GATS are tracking systems for RECs. Please find more information at the following websites:

Bidders with bids approved by the Commission will be required to demonstrate that each one of their systems has been registered in M-RETS or GATS and that each system has begun accumulating metered deliveries tracked by GATS or M-RETS by specific deadlines. RECs procured through this RFP will be transferred from the Supplier’s account in GATS or in M-RETS to the account of the applicable Company in the relevant tracking system. In its Worksheet Insert (#P1-2), a Bidder must identify GATS or M-RETS as the tracking system from which RECs from the system would be transferred to the Company under the applicable supplier contract.