SPV-50: Do we submit our Bids on the Part 2 Date or on another date?

Bids are submitted on the Bid Date listed in the SPV RFP Calendar posted to the “Calendar” page of the procurement website. On that date, a Bidder’s Bids must be received between 8 AM and 12 PM (noon) Central Prevailing Time.

The Procurement Administrator provides electronically to each Bidder qualified pursuant to a successful Part 1 Proposal the Bid Form in Microsoft Excel format as well as a set of instructions for purposes of submitting Bids. The Bid Form is the exclusive method for submitting a Bidder’s Bids. A Bidder must submit the Bid Form to the Procurement Administrator through a secure file transfer interface according to the instructions provided by the Procurement Administrator upon qualification.

This FAQ has been updated since it was originally posted on 05-21-2015.