Indexed REC-24: Does the Company Name in the account registration have to be the Bidder or the Seller in the proposal?

As defined in Section I.1.4 of the RFP Rules, a “Bidder” is an entity that presents a response to this Indexed REC RFP and a “Seller” is an entity that bids to deliver RECs from a Project under the term of the applicable supplier contract and that will be the signatory under the applicable supplier contract.  The Bidder and Seller may or may not be the same entity.  If the Bidder and the Seller are not the same entity, you will be asked to identify the Bidder’s legal name and address in your Part 1 Proposal.  The Company Name that is the account holder does not need to be the Bidder or the Seller.  Project “tags” are given to Projects at the point of account activation and are used by the Procurement Administrator only for organizational purposes, mainly for organizing correspondence between the Procurement Administrator and Bidders submitting Proposals for multiple Projects.