DG-3: Does the DG RFP allow for forecast quantity bids for systems that have not yet been built?

No. Systems must be identified as a pre-requisite to qualification and bidders will be expected to provide

  • System size;
  • Name and contact information for the system owner;
  • Location of the system;
  • Name and contact information for host;
  • Interconnecting distribution company;
  • Customer account number;
  • Energized date (to the extent that system is already energized); and
  • Tracking system (to the extent that the system is already registered).

Bidders will also be expected to document the characteristics of the system; such documents may include letters of intent, signed contracts, interconnection or net metering applications, local permits. The definitive list of items required as information to identify each system and the required supporting documentation will be provided in the RFP Rules expected to be posted on September 1, 2015.

The requirements for the Utility Distributed Generation (“DG”) RFP are not expected to be identical to the Supplemental Photovoltaic (“SPV”) RFP. The SPV RFP allowed forecast quantities; furthermore, systems had twelve months from the Bid Date to be energized and registered in the applicable tracking system. In contrast, systems bid into the DG RFP must be identified and must deliver a REC under the contract in the first delivery year (by July 15, 2016).