DG-2: Does the IPA certify behind-the-meter Distributed Generation solar facilities for generating and tracking Illinois SRECs?

Illinois does not have a state process for certification of renewable energy facilities.

Separately the IPA has developed standards for the metering requirements of renewable energy PV facilities that are bid in to the IPA’s procurement events. The standards are found here:

For information on generating and tracking of RECs, please contact M-RETS or GATS:

M-RETS Registry
Contact: Bryan Gower, M-RETS Administrator
Phone: 408-899-3340
(877) 750-GATS (4287)

For additional information on procurement events planned for 2017, as well for the change in definition of distributed renewable energy generation device pursuant to Public Act 99-0906 (which becomes effective on June 1, 2017), please consult: