7: For both the Ameren and ComEd Energy Master Agreements, we understand that Section 10.5 of the applicable agreements uses the standard language from the EEI Master Power Purchase & Sale Agreement. Please explain how parties subject to “know your customer” requirements should be comfortable with Section 10.5 (Assignment) of the Master Power Purchase & Sale Agreement that allows each of Ameren and ComEd to assign that agreement to an affiliate.

It is unlikely that Ameren or ComEd would assign the agreement to an affiliate and even more unlikely that the transferee affiliate would present a problem for institutions subject to “know your customer” procedures or processes.  If an assignment were to occur, the transferee affiliate would undoubtedly be an entity formed under the laws of one of the states in the United States and would be subject to regulation by the Illinois Commerce Commission.  Consequently, it is not expected that there would be any difficulty for Ameren or ComEd to provide, or for third parties to evaluate, the transferee affiliate’s governing documentation or identity.