BE-7: For the Pre-Bid Letter of Credit due for each procurement event, can we rely on the documents that we submitted last year and issue the same document this year? How about for the guaranty?

You cannot rely on the documents submitted last year as the basis for documents submitted as part of your Proposal this year. There are several reasons for this, including the fact that there are administrative changes to the Pre-Bid Letter of Credit every year and the fact that ComEd has made changes to its standard form of guaranty.

A Bidder must submit the Standard Pre-Bid Letter of Credit for a Company or incorporate only modifications approved by the Company as posted to the procurement website. The Standard Pre-Bid Letters of Credit are available from the Procurement Administrator upon request.

A Bidder that relies on the financial standing of a Guaranty for the procurement event of a Company must use the standard form of Guaranty or incorporate only those modifications acceptable to the Company. For each Company, the form of Guaranty and the acceptable modifications thereto are included in the applicable supplier contract. For AIC and MEC, please review Schedule 1 to the Form of Guaranty within the Confirmation Agreement document. For ComEd, the form of Guaranty is provided here: and the optional changes are available here: