DG-17: Given there is a different contract for each of the three Companies, please clarify if the credit requirement related to 10% of contract value means: (a) we post collateral associated with 10% of the aggregate contract value with whichever of the Companies we have as a counterparty, or: (b) we post collateral of 10% of the aggregate contract value to each Company separately such that we would be posting 30% of the value of our winning bids?

Your description in (a) is correct. The last step of the evaluation is for the Procurement Administrator to allocate the winning Bids to each Company. While this allocation aims in part to minimize the number of winning Bidders that have contracts with more than one Company, a successful Bidder could have a contract with more than one Company. In that case, the value of the winning bids would be split among the Companies and the Bidder would be posting 10% of the contract value to each Company (only for the amount of RECs associated with the contract for that Company).