STP-47: Have the parameters for procurement of RECs from distributed generation been determined for 2017 (either in the utility DG or supplemental procurement events)? In particular are the rules established on the minimum sizes or maximum quantities of RECs that can be bid?

The procurement plan for 2017 is still in development and the rules for the procurement events are not yet available.  The draft 2017 IPA Procurement Plan is posted here:  The distributed generation procurement proposal is covered in Section 8.4 and states:

“bids must once again be at least one megawatt in size, but may feature DG systems of all qualifying sizes and resource types subject to the size categories and limits discussed above (specifically that a system may not be greater than 2 MW in size, and the underlying generation technology must be “renewable” such that the system meets the requirements of a “distributed renewable energy generation device”)”

It has not yet been determined whether an additional procurement event under the supplemental procurement plan will occur.  Further, the procurement plan for 2017 is subject to modification and amendment in response to comments by parties and as required by the Commission order on the plan, expected to be issued in December of this year.