DG-128: How are the Annual Quantity and Maximum Contract Quantity calculated? When does rounding occur (when the Annual Quantity is calculated or when the Maximum Contract Quantity is calculated)?

The formula is described in the Parameter and Process Information Release posted to the Final Materials page of the Fall Utility DG section of the procurement website on August 15, 2017.

The Annual Quantity is calculated as the product of (a) the planned installed size of the system in kW divided by 1,000; and (b) the capacity factor associated with the technology of the system; and (c) 8760 hours. The result is rounded to the nearest REC. Thus, rounding occurs in the calculation of the Annual Quantity for a particular system.  The overall Maximum Contract Quantity over the entire term of the applicable supplier contract for a system is obtained by multiplying the Annual Quantity (already rounded to the nearest REC) by five (5) years.