Indexed REC-66: How do I participate in the Bidder Training? Do I need to RSVP?

You do not need to RSVP for Bidder Training. The Bidder Training consists of time set aside for Bidders to practice all aspects of the bid submission procedures. The Procurement Administrator is available at that time to answer questions regarding the completion of the Bid Form and to evaluate the Bid Form. Bidder training is done via the Procurement Administrator’s Secure Bid Transfer interface and is not conducted via a webinar.

Please have on hand the Invitation to Bidder Training, Bid Form, Confidential Information for Training (blue background), and the Bid Form Guide. These documents were distributed with the Part 1 Notification via the application website on June 17, 2024. A Bidder can access these files using the same login credentials used to access the online Part 1 and Part 2 Forms. Please see the “Documents” section.