W&S-197: How do I register for the Bidder Training? Is there a link to the training available?

You do not need to register for Bidder Training. The Bidder Training consists of time set aside for Bidders to practice completing and submitting their Bid Forms.  The Procurement Administrator is available at that time to evaluate the Bid Forms and to answer questions.

The schedule for Bidder Training is provided in attachment 3a – Confidential Information for Training provided to you with the attachment to your Part 1 Notification entitled “Invitation to Bidder Training”. Instructions for completing and submitting the Bid Form are provided in the Bid Form Guide, also provided as an attachment to your Part 1 Notification. Finally, you must use the confidential information provided in the attachment 3a (with the green border) for access to the secure file transfer interface that you will use to submit your Bids.