BEC-25: How is the Supplier Fee determined for a winning Bid on a Combination?

For clarity, a block represents 25 MWs in each hour of a Product. A “Product” is a constant quantity of energy to be supplied to a Company at the delivery point specified by that Company in either the On-Peak Segment or the Off-Peak Segment of a specific month.

 A “Combination” is a grouping of two or more Products in a given Segment (and for a given Company). In the case of winning Bids approved by the Commission for a Combination, the Bidder will be required to pay the Supplier Fee amount times the number of blocks times the number of Products in the Combination.

For example, given the Supplier Fee for Energy Products under the Spring 2024 BEC RFP is $352 per on-peak block, if a Bidder has a winning Bid for one block of the On-Peak Jun24 to May25 Combination, the Bidder will pay $4,224 ($352 x 12 blocks (1 block for each of the 12 Products)) to the Illinois Power Agency by the seventh business day after the ICC decision.