BEC-26: How should we proceed if there are delays in the overnight delivery service that we use to send the check for the Bid Participation Fee to the IPA?

If you provide evidence of payment (i.e., a copy of the check) through Section 2 of the online Part 1 Form, you will have fulfilled the requirements of that section, but your Part 1 Proposal will remain deficient until the IPA has confirmed receipt of your Bid Participation Fee.  As further information, we would appreciate receiving the tracking number for the package and proof that the package was sent (and, to the extent that your Proposal is otherwise deficient when we receive this information, you will be provided additional time to cure all deficiencies of the Proposal).

Please assess whether it is possible that the overnight delivery service that you are using would fail to deliver the Bid Participation Fee to the IPA by the date at which the Procurement Administrator qualifies Bidders and sends the Part 1 Notifications (Tuesday, March 27).  A Bidder always has the option to use e-pay for the payment of the Bid Participation Fee (at which point, if your check is eventually received by the IPA, the check will be destroyed or returned to you).