DG-132: I am about to have a 7kW array installed on my residence. Can I participate in the Adjustable Block Program and/or the procurement event under the Fall 2017 DG RFP?

Details regarding the adjustable block program are not available at this time. The adjustable block program will be first proposed in the Illinois Power Agency’s long-term renewable resources procurement plan (due to be released within 120 days of June 1, 2017) with the Illinois Commerce Commission having final approval of the details of the program.

There is a procurement event planned for this Fall under the Distributed Generation RFP. However, there is a minimum bid size requirement of 1 MW. Small systems can participate through an aggregator.  The list of winning suppliers for the Spring 2017 Utility DG procurement event was:  Ameresco Inc.; Carbon Solutions Group LLC; IL-Solar, Inc; SoCore Installation Services LLC; Solar Star Illinois I, LLC; and SRECTrade, Inc. Generally, the list of winning suppliers is provided as part of an information release following the Commission decision on the procurement event.  To access these information releases, please go to the procurement website,, click on “Previous RFPs” in the left-hand navigation bar, then click on the procurement event that interests you.  There were some distributed generation RFPs prior to 2017.  Once on the page of the procurement event of interest, there will be an “RFP Results” heading under which you can find the information release.

The purpose of this website is to provide information to suppliers participating in the IPA’s procurement event. The Illinois Solar Energy Association has information for homeowners generally: