SPV-97: I am an individual system owner (15.75 kW PV system). Can I participate in the IPA’s procurement events?

The Illinois Power Agency (“IPA”) sponsors various procurement events for the purchase of Renewable Energy Credits.  Individual system owners are not precluded from participating directly.  However, both for the Utility Distributed Generation RFP (“DG RFP”) and for the Supplemental Photovoltaic RFP (“SPV RFP”), there is a minimum capacity that must be put up for bid.  The minimum for the DG RFP is 1,000 kW while the minimum for the SPV RFP is 79.39 kW.  In either case, a single system of 15.75 kW does not qualify.

You may be able to participate through a group of similar system owners or through an aggregator.  The list of companies that have won in the SPV RFP (and thus that aggregated at least 79.39 kW of systems) is provided here: .  The list of winners in the DG RFP will also be posted when those results are available.

While neither the Procurement Administrator nor the IPA endorses any particular company or aggregator, we note that the Illinois Solar Energy Association has a list of preferred vendors and offers some information for individual system owners to participate through an aggregator.  Please see their website: