SPV-77: I am submitting my Proposal for more than 25 systems. Once I utilize all 25 available columns in the Worksheet Insert (#P1-2), is it acceptable to upload a second Worksheet Insert to account for additional systems?

There are two forms of the Worksheet Insert (#P1-2) available in the zip folder “IPA SPV Inserts to Part 1 Form” posted under the “Final Supplemental PV RFP Documents” heading on the Supplemental PV Procurement Section of One version of the Worksheet Insert provides 25 columns for Bidders with 25 or fewer systems, while the second version is provided for Bidders with 25 systems and more. Bidders are welcome to use either version of the Worksheet Insert. There is no rule which prohibits a Bidder from submitting multiple of the 25 column Worksheet Inserts to account for more than 25 systems.

This FAQ has been updated since it was originally posted on 05-27-2015.