SPV-146: I currently have 16 kW of self-installed, ground mounted solar panels and I am considering adding another 6 kW. As I read 20 ILCS 3855/1-56(i)(1)), the new panels can qualify for the next procurement as long as I have a qualified installer, as defined, make the actual connections between the panels, inverters and main panel. Can you please confirm?

We cannot respond to this question generally and we can only address whether self-installation or co-location with another system could preclude you from selling SRECs in the procurement events under the procurement plans of the Illinois Power Agency (“IPA”).

To be eligible to be presented as part of the Proposal in the Supplemental Photovoltaic RFP (“SPV RFP”), a system must be “installed” by a “qualified person” as described in and required by Section 1-56(i) of the Illinois Power Agency Act (20 ILCS 3855/1-56(i)). The Act defines “install” to mean:

“the major activities and actions required to connect, in accordance with applicable building and electrical codes, the conductors, connectors, and all associated fittings, devices, power outlets, or apparatuses mounted at the premises that are directly involved in delivering energy to the premises’ electrical wiring from the photovoltaics, including, but not limited to, to distributed photovoltaic generation.”

In addition, systems that are co-located can be considered separate systems for purposes of bidding in the procurement event under the SPV RFP as long as each system has its own separate revenue quality meter and has its own identifier in the applicable tracking system (GATS or MRETs).