W&S-153: I have a single Project in ComEd’s territory. Can I just submit bid assurance collateral to ComEd only?

No. The Procurement Administrator will allocate among the utilities the RECs from Projects with Bids approved by the Commission.  The location of the Project is NOT a factor that will be considered in the allocation.  Even if your Project is in ComEd’s territory, it is entirely possible that, should your Project have a Bid that is approved by the Commission, the RECs would be delivered to AIC and/or MEC.  A Bidder does not choose its counterparty under the REC Contract.

You must submit bid assurance collateral for all three (3) Companies as required by the RFP Rules. If a Bidder does not submit bid assurance collateral to each of the Companies in an amount that is sufficient given the capacity and Type of the Project, the Bid on the Project will be rejected.