REC-30: I missed the training session. Was it recorded? Where can I find information about the bid submission procedure?

The April 9 REC RFP Bidder Training was an opportunity for Bidders to practice all aspects of the bid submission procedure to be used on the Bid Date April 16, 2015. This was not a webinar but a hands-on practice session (and thus there was no possibility of a recording).

The Procurement Administrator evaluates Bids submitted in accordance with this RFP only from those Bidders that qualify pursuant to a successful Part 1 Proposal and that submit by 12 PM (noon) on the Bid Date a Part 2 Proposal that fulfills all the requirements (including the submission of an executed Pre-Bid Letter of Credit). Bidders that so qualify use the Bid Form sent to them via secure file transfer by the Procurement Administrator and follow the instructions provided by the Procurement Administrator with the Part 1 Notification dated April 6, 2015. Please also see Section VI.2. of the REC RFP Rules posted to the Renewable Energy Resources Section of the procurement web site.

If you have questions related to the bid submission process on the Bid Date, please contact the Procurement Administrator at 215-568-0200.