BEC-20: I note that the Standard Forms of the Pre-Bid Letters of Credit have changed and that the final Standard Forms have been posted. We have comments from our bank at this time. Can we submit them ahead of the Part 1 Window?

A Bidder may provide comments on or propose modifications to the Standard Pre-Bid Letter of Credit for a procurement event that are non-material in nature, or that clarify the intent of the Standard Pre-Bid Letter of Credit, or that are advantageous to both the Company and the Bidder.  Comments are solicited during the Part 1 Window, which opens on August 12, 2020.  The Standard Forms have changed in that presentation of the Pre-Bid Letter of Credit must be made electronically.  The Procurement Administrator will work with any Bidder that submits comments ahead of the Part 1 Window to have those comments reviewed by the Companies as soon as practicable.