SPV-84: I own a solar system which was included in an unsuccessful bid in the Spring 2015 SPV Procurement and have not yet had my bid deposit returned from the Aggregator. Can you provide any information on whether this could be related to Illinois State’s Fiscal Year 2016 budget stalemate?

The IPA and each counterparty are obligated to maintain confidentiality of individual transaction information under the contract between the IPA and the counterparty. The IPA cannot provide any additional information or discuss any other contract related matters with other parties besides the counterparty to the contract. That being said, speaking generally, any invoice received by the IPA for activities prior to June 30, 2015 should be paid out of the IPA’s Fiscal Year 2015 appropriation (and thus not subject to Illinois State’s current Fiscal Year 2016 budget stalemate) and processed by the Comptroller accordingly. However, any invoice for activities on or after July 1, 2015 cannot be processed by the Comptroller until an appropriation for Fiscal Year 2016 is enacted.