DG-14: I understand that for new systems only, a Bidder must specify with its Bid a “First Year Volume”, which may be less than the Annual Volume calculated using the standard capacity factor. We have a system that is already registered on PJM GATS or M-RETS, but the RECs for the first Delivery Period are already committed to another party. For purposes of the DG RFP, can we classify such a system as “new” (as opposed to “existing”) so that we can specify a lesser annual quantity for the first Delivery Period?

Please note that, in its Part 1 Proposal, a Bidder is required to certify that the characteristics of the systems presented in the Proposal are true and accurate to the best of the Bidder’s knowledge and belief. Therefore, if a system is “existing” (i.e. energized as of the June 1, 2016) it must be presented as such.

Payment under the IPA Letter of Credit can be demanded if the Bidder makes a material omission or misrepresentation in the Part 1 Proposal or the Part 2 Proposal.