DG-73: I want to confirm that the maximum size of the system is 2,000 kW DC and not AC because the customer wants the system to be as large as possible.

In providing the size of the system, the bidder must provide the nameplate DC output rating of the system, expressed in kilowatts. Such size will be rounded to two (2) decimals.

Noting your comment that “the customer wants to go as large as possible”, please be aware that in presenting a system in a Proposal under the Utility Distributed Generation RFP, the system must qualify as “distributed generation”. The 2,000 kW maximum is one, but only one of the criteria for the system to qualify as distributed generation. The other criteria are:

  • The system is located, or will be located when installed, on the customer side of a customer’s electric meter;
  • The system is, or will be, primarily used to offset that customer’s electricity load;
  • The system is or will be interconnected to the distribution system of an interconnecting distribution company in Illinois (an electric utility, alternative retail electric supplier, municipal utility, or rural electric cooperative located in Illinois).

Thus, in particular, a system that is not sized to the customer’s load and used primarily to offset that customer’s load is not eligible for the Utility DG RFP. This criterion places a second limit on the size of the system.