DG-43: If a system included in my Proposal cannot provide the Interconnection Agreement or the net metering application approval letter, what documentation can I provide for my system?

Please note that the supporting documentation you mention in your question is to support the fact that systems are existing. As such, this documentation is NOT required for new systems.

As stated with the DG RFP Rules, a Bidder may provide one of the following as supporting documentation for existing systems: (i) Interconnection Agreement; (ii) Net metering application approval letter; (iii) Final system inspection confirmation; (iv) PJM-EIS GATS/M-RETS system registration application and approval letter; (v) permission to operate letter; or: (vi) other relevant documentation clearly showing the date at which the system was energized or began operation. A Certificate of Completion is an example of other documentation that can be provided.