BEC-28: If an Insert is digitally signed, is the signature still required to be notarized?

Bidders may complete Inserts by digitally signing the Insert and providing along with the Insert an additional document or information that verifies the identity of the signatory. For Inserts that require the signature to be notarized, notarization is not required if the Insert is digitally signed. The signature line for the Notary Public may be left blank.

The additional documentation or information referenced above may include: (i) a certificate of completion if the signatory uses DocuSign; (ii) a Final Audit Report if the signatory uses Adobe Sign; (iii) evidence that the digital signature has been certified by the signatory using a document signing certificate; or (iv) other documentation or information produced by a commercially available software that can be used by the Procurement Administrator to verify the identity of the signatory. Digital signatures without a document or information verifying the identity of the signatory are not acceptable; signature images and other electronic signatures are not acceptable.