Indexed REC-40: If I bid a portion of the anticipated annual REC production from my project in this procurement event and the project is selected and approved, can I propose the same project in a future procurement event for the remainder of the RECs?

A Bidder may submit a bid for a portion of a Project’s output. Please refer to FAQ-Indexed REC-5 for additional information related to submitting an annual quantity that is based on a portion of the Project’s capacity.

If in a subsequent procurement event the Bidder proposes the same Project and submits a bid for the remainder of the RECs, and the Project is selected and approved by the Commission, the Seller will sign a separate Indexed REC Contract that was posted for purposes of that subsequent event for those RECs. Thus, the two Indexed REC Contracts for the Project may have different terms. Also, as part of the Proposal, the Bidder will be required to confirm that the Project presented in the subsequent event has or will have a separate revenue quality meter and will have its own account within PJM EIS GATS or M-RETS for purposes of tracking this remainder of the RECs. The Project must meet all other Proposal requirements in Sections IV and V of the RFP Rules as well, and the Procurement Administrator may require additional information during the evaluation of the Proposal once it has been submitted. The MWh hourly generation that must be provided under Section 6.1 of the Indexed REC Contract, for which the REC Monthly Price Hourly Component is calculated for the remainder of the RECs, must be from the Project as measured by the Project’s separate revenue quality meter and not from any other electric source.