Indexed REC-15: If I indicate an RFP Project Percentage to allow for an external offtake agreement, will the (MW AC rating) nameplate capacity of the project be affected by the RFP Project Percentage (If Yes, then what happens if the project nameplate capacity falls below the minimum size requirement of 5,000 MW AC rating as a result of applying the RFP Project Percentage to the size of the project)?

No, a project’s external offtake agreements or the RFP Project Percentage will not affect the size of the project. In the Part 1 form the Bidder must provide the size of the project in MW (AC rating) rounded to two (2) decimals. The size of the project will not be affected by the RFP Project Percentage. The project’s Nameplate Capacity must be greater than 5,000 kW (AC Rating) for utility-scale wind projects and utility-scale solar projects.