DG-35: If I name an entity as Guarantor, who makes the determination of the Guarantor’s Collateral Threshold under the applicable supplier contract? On what basis is that determination made?

If you have a supplier contract with a Company (AIC, ComEd, and/or MidAmerican), and you wish to name a Guarantor, the Guarantor’s Collateral Threshold will be determined by the Company on the basis of the credit ratings for the proposed Guarantor’s as follows:

Credit Rating Collateral Threshold
S&P Moody’s Fitch
BBB- or above Baa3 or above BBB- or above $2,500,000
Below BBB- Below Baa3 Below BBB- $0

If the Guarantor is rated by all three rating agencies, then the lower of the two highest ratings will be used; (b) if the two highest ratings are common, such common rating will be used; and (c) if the Guarantor is rated by only two rating agencies, then the lower of the two ratings will be used.  Please see each applicable supplier contract for further detail.