SPV-64: If the number of identified systems or number of forecast quantities change between the Part 1 Date and Part 2 Date or between Part 2 Date and the Bid Date, how is this handled?

There is no penalty for a Bidder reducing its proposal quantity between Part 1 and Part 2 of the process, provided that all Proposals observe minimum bid requirements (in which case, If the minimum bid requirements are not observed, no financial penalty would be assessed, but such Bids would not be given consideration).

In its Part 1 Proposal, a Bidder must indicate the size for each Identified System as well as any forecast quantities of RECs   A Bidder may not include additional identified systems or increase its forecast quantity in its Proposal after the Part 1 Date. The Proposal itself (submitted after the conclusion of the Part 2 Date) may include a number of RECs supported by the bid assurance collateral submitted with the Part 2 Proposal. A Bidder may decrease the quantity (so long as the quantity remains greater than 500 RECs, which is the minimum bid size) between the Part 2 Proposal and the Bid Date.

Bids below 500 RECs in size will not be considered for selection.