DG-16: If we have a signed contract with a customer but the system will only be built next year, is this project considered “speculative” and are we therefore precluded from presenting it as part of our Proposal to the Utility DG RFP?

The answer to this question depends on information that you did not provide, namely the exact timing of when the system is expected to be installed and be in operation. Each system must deliver one REC to the utility by July 15, 2016 (which means that this REC would be produced on the basis of generation occurring on or before May 31, 2016). If the system is built early enough in the new year to meet this requirement, the system is “new” and can be presented as part of the proposal. If the system is not built in time to delivery at least one REC by July 15, 2016, then the system is not eligible for the DG RFP.

Generally a system is identified (rather than speculative) if the Bidder can provide all the information required by the Identification Worksheet Insert (it being understood that for new systems the Bidder can provide some information by the Part 2 Date rather than with the Part 1 Proposal.