BEC-10: If we participate in the Fall 2021 BEC RFP with a different entity that shares the same parent entity as the entity we named as the Bidder in the Spring 2021 BEC RFP, will this new entity still be able to participate in an abbreviated Part 1 Proposal process?

Regardless of whether the two entities share the same parent entity, the new entity would be required to pay the Bid Participation Fee in this Fall 2021 BEC RFP in order to complete the Part 1 Proposal. Also, a Bidder that is not a Seller under the (AIC) Confirmation Agreement, or under the (ComEd) Master Agreement, or under the (AIC) Capacity Agreement pursuant to winning Bids in a procurement event under the BEC RFP or the Standard Products RFP in 2016 or later must provide evidence that it is an Affiliate Member or a Voting Member in PJM and/or that it is a Certified Market Participant in MISO.

Beginning with this Fall 2021 BEC RFP, contact and credit information submitted through the online Part 1 Form will no longer be pre-populated for returning Bidders and all Bidders will be required to complete this information in each RFP. Additionally, no Inserts will be retained between RFPs. Thus, the two items in the prior paragraph are the only additional requirements for an entity that did not participate in the Spring 2021 BEC RFP and is not a Seller as described above.

Please register for an account for the new entity to access the online forms to submit a Proposal here. The individual that registers for the account will receive an email prior to the opening of the Part 1 Window with account activation instructions. The Procurement Administrator will also send instructions for accessing and completing the online qualification forms to this individual prior to the opening of the Part 1 Window.