WND-9: In addition to the Bid Assurance Collateral, are there other fees or payments required to participate in the Utility-Scale Wind RFP?

Yes. Each participant is required to pay a non-refundable Bid Participation Fee of $500 as a condition of completing the Part 1 Proposal to the extent that such participant has not already paid a Bid Participation Fee pursuant to its participation in a 2018 procurement event.  A participant that presents several projects is only required to pay a single Bid Participation Fee. The Bid Participation Fee will be used to cover part of the costs of the 2018 procurement events.

The Supplier Fees, which are levied only on those that have bids approved by the Commission, are also used to cover part of the costs of the procurement events. An estimate of the Supplier Fees, which will be in $/REC and which will be applied to the annual quantity of RECs for a winning Project, will be provided during the webcast planned for August 24, 2018.

Additionally, there is a Collateral Requirement under the REC Contract. The Collateral Requirement is posted only if a Project has a winning Bid that is approved by the Commission. The Collateral Requirement is posted upon contract execution.