24: In reference to FAQ-5, will the Companies be open to amend the applicable Energy Master Agreements to make section 2.5 applicable but delete the last two sentences of section 2.5 where it reads: “The Recording […] Upon full execution (or deemed acceptance) of a Confirmation, such Confirmation shall control […]”?

The applicable supplier contracts as posted to the procurement website ( cannot be modified at this time.  There is nothing in the applicable supplier contracts that prohibits suppliers from phone recordings if such recordings are required by law. However, it is the intent of Ameren and ComEd for the Confirmation to control in the event of any conflicts given the steps leading up to the execution of the Confirmation as described in FAQ-5. As stated in FAQ-5, given the steps leading up to the execution of the Transaction Confirmation, there is little scope for phone recordings to be used to establish a Confirmation under the applicable Energy Master Agreements.