BEC-11: In regards to the Spring 2022 procurement event for Capacity Products for AIC, were any changes made to the AIC agreement or RFP in response to MISO’s filing with FERC on November 30, 2021 (Docket No. ER22-495) to include seasonal requirements for its Planning Resource Auction?

A provision that was first introduced in the AIC agreement for the Spring 2021 procurement event has been maintained for 2022. This provision, under the product definition (page 1-3), describes a process and timeline to develop an amendment to the contract that would be invoked if MISO receives FERC approval to make changes to its resource adequacy construct that requires a product other than a ZRC as currently defined. No other changes have been made to the AIC agreement or RFP in response to this proceeding.

To review the November 30, 2021 filing and other information on this proceeding, including the timeline for approval, please visit the docket on FERC’s website (Docket No. ER22-495)