IFP-38: Is a 1.4 MW Project in a state adjoining Illinois eligible for participation in the New Solar RFP?

For purposes of qualifying in the New Solar RFP, a Project may be located in Illinois or in one of the states adjacent to Illinois. States adjacent to Illinois are Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Kentucky, Indiana and Michigan. A project located in a state adjacent to Illinois must meet the public interest criteria specified in Section 1-75(c)(1)(I) of the IPA Act.

Please note that, in addition to this location requirement, there is a size requirement for utility-scale projects. As defined in Public Act 099-0906, a utility-scale solar project means an electric generating facility that generates electricity using photovoltaic cells and that has a nameplate capacity greater than 2,000 kW (AC rating). Brownfield site photovoltaic projects can participate in this New Solar RFP and there is no size requirement related to brownfield site photovoltaic projects.