LIP-29: Is a bidder required to have filed an application for interconnection as of the date of submission of the Part 1 Proposal in order to participate?

The requirements have not been posted in final form.  At this time, we anticipate that the application for interconnection would be required to have been filed with the electric utility, a municipal utility, a public utility, or an electric cooperative as of the date of submission of the Part 1 Proposal.  In addition, the following documents are required if the interconnection agreement is not available for the Project:

  • A description of how the Project will be financed;
  • Letter(s) of intent from lenders or equity partners to cover 30% of the project financing; and
  • Documentation for site control for an area in acres of at least 3 times the Project size in MW (AC rating).

The final RFP Rules and documents, including the proposal requirements, will be posted by Tuesday, October 22, 2019.