DG-24: Is a system interconnected to the City Water, Light and Power utility in Springfield eligible for participation in the DG RFP? There is no requirement that a system located in one utility/Company’s territory be sold to that Company, correct?

Under the Utility Distributed Generation (“DG”) RFP, systems must be interconnected to AIC, ComEd, MidAmerican, Mount Carmel, a municipal utility in Illinois, or a rural electric cooperative in Illinois.  A system interconnected to City Water, Light and Power utility located in Springfield would be eligible for the DG RFP.

You are correct that there is no requirement that the RECs produced by a system in a given utility’s territory be sold to that particular utility.  The Procurement Administrator will assign the winning Bids to each utility/Company using as a guide each Company’s Target and Budget.  Such allocation aims to minimize the number of winning Bidders that have contracts with more than one Company.