Indexed REC-22: Is an executed option to lease the Project site, or a similar document, acceptable to demonstrate site control under the RFP Rules?

Paragraph IV.6.2 of the DRAFT Summer 2023 Indexed REC RFP Rules lists acceptable documentation to demonstrate site control. An executed option, between the Bidder (Seller or an affiliate of Seller) and the Owner or Owners, with a unilateral right to lease or purchase the Project site would be acceptable. Other documentation demonstrating a right to develop the Project on the site that meets the minimum requirements in Appendix 4 may also be submitted for review by the Procurement Administrator. Any such document must be valid through a date no earlier than July 5, 2023, which is the date at which the  Indexed REC Contracts execution formalities are expected to be completed.

Please note that there is a comment process that will take place prior to the issuance of the FINAL Summer 2023 RFP Rules and elements may be subject to change. Please see the Calendar posted on the procurement website for deadlines regarding this comment process.