STP-21: Is cash an acceptable form of Pre-Bid Security?

No. A Bidder that is submitting Bids for a Company must, in its Part 2 Proposal, submit a Pre-Bid Letter of Credit for that Company in an amount of $5,000 per block of a Bidder’s Indicative Quantity for that Company or $250,000, whichever is greater. The Indicative Quantity for a Company is the total number of blocks that the Bidder intends to bid across all Segments and months available for that Company as submitted in the Part 2 Proposal. The Pre-Bid Letter of Credit must be in the form of the Standard Pre-Bid Letter of Credit or incorporate only modifications approved by the Company as posted to the procurement website. (Cash may be posted as security under the (ComEd) Master Agreements or the (AIC) Confirmation Agreement).