W&S-214: Is each Company going to definitely be allocated some amount of the RECs, regardless of whether the RECs come from Projects in MISO or PJM? I understand the evaluation is on price only, but I am wondering if there is there any distinction between PJM and MISO RECs.

Whether the Project is in PJM or MISO, the tracking system for the RECs of the system in no way affects the allocation of RECs to the Companies.  As announced by the Procurement Administrator on August 29, the RECs from a Project that is selected through the Wind and Solar RFP and that is approved by the Illinois Commerce Commission will be allocated to the Companies in the following proportions:  29.33% to AIC, 70.34% to ComEd, and 0.33% to MEC.  Thus, there will be three REC Contracts for each selected Project, one with each of the three Companies.