CRG-23: Is it correct that a Project may be physically located in one utility territory but it is nevertheless possible for the REC Contract for the Project with the other utility? Is a bidder required to submit bid assurance collateral and bid assurance collateral documents to both Ameren and ComEd?

It is correct that even though a Project may be physically located in the territory of ComEd, if the Project is selected by the evaluation and approved by the Commission, the counterparty to the REC Contract can be Ameren Illinois (and vice-versa).  A bidder must submit bid assurance collateral for the project in the form of cash or of a letter of credit to each of AIC and ComEd (and NOT only to the utility where the Project is located).  To the extent that you are providing bid assurance collateral in the form of cash, then you are also required to provide the Cash Insert for each Company (#P2-1 and #P2-2) and the draft request for the return of cash to each Company.