S&B-59: Is it correct that the Collateral Requirement is only posted if a Project has a winning Bid approved by the Commission?

Bid Assurance Collateral is submitted with the Part 2 Proposal, which is due on the Part 2 Date. The Part 2 Date for the upcoming Brownfield and Utility-Scale Solar procurement events is November 14, 2018.

The Collateral Requirement is posted only if a Project has a winning Bid that is approved by the Commission. The Collateral Requirement in the form of a Post-Bid Letter of Credit (provided as Exhibit C) or cash is posted upon contract execution. The collateral requirement under the REC Contract is $10 times the Annual Quantity and is subject to a minimum of $50,000. Please note that under the REC Contract, a Project must deliver at least one REC to each Company on or before May 31, 2021 unless such deadline is extended to May 31, 2022 by the Seller opting to meet an increased collateral requirement. Additional information is available in the REC Contract.