DG-60: Is it correct that the lowest priced bid must be on the first 1 MW of systems and that after the first 1 MW of systems, we can select any bid size as long as: (i) the bid is at least 100 kW; (ii) the bid price is more than the bid price of the first 1 MW; and (iii) each system is contained fully in one block?

That is generally correct.  We would add the following.  First, the first block may be larger than 1 MW (it must at least 1 MW).  Second, this first block may include systems of both Size Classes (and RECs for the Small Size Product may also be from a Forecast Quantity).  If the first block does include RECs from both Products, then you must provide two (2) separate bid prices, i.e., one for each Product.  Third, each additional block must be for only one Product (i.e., all systems must be from the Large Size Class or all systems from the Small Size Class plus any Forecast Quantity).  Fourth, the bid price for an additional block for a Product (Small or Large) must be greater than the bid price for that Product in the first block.