69: Is it necessary for previously qualified bidders to submit the applicable Contract Insert(s) (#P1-4 for Ameren and #P1-6 for ComEd)?

Generally speaking, previously qualified Bidders may rely on the information submitted in the Spring 2014 procurement events for their Part 1 Proposal, except that they must submit anew for the September 2014 procurement events: (1) financial statements; (2) information regarding their Nominees; and (3) appropriate certifications for each Company. Previously qualified Bidders must update any previously submitted information as necessary or confirm that the previously submitted information remains valid.

If aContract Insert (formerly known as the Supplement) for the Spring 2014 procurement event was uploaded to your online Part 1 Form when your Part 1 Proposal was found to be complete, this insert will have retained in your online Part 1 Form, and no action is required on your part if the information remains valid and no changes are necessary. Otherwise, if a Contract Insert (formerly known as the Supplement) was not retained from the Spring 2014 procurement event, you may nevertheless re-submit this insert for the September procurement event. Please note, however, that by doing so, you are confirming that all previously submitted information remains valid and that no changes are necessary.