STP-28: Is it possible to make elections to the Letters of Credit under the (AIC) Confirmation Agreement? What is the process?

Exhibit B to the (AIC) Confirmation Agreement is the Form of Letter of Credit. Schedule 1 to the Form of Letter of Credit provides all modifications that are acceptable for Ameren and that can be adopted by a Supplier on an optional basis. If a Bidder who has Bids identified to the Commission as winning Bids uses a letter of credit to post security during the term of the contract, the Bidder can instruct its financial institution to adopt any of the modifications that are acceptable to Ameren. Please note that Exhibit B and Schedule 1 are in regards to the “Post-Bid” Letter of Credit to be used during the term of the (AIC) Confirmation Agreement for purposes of posting security under the contract. For the “Pre-Bid” Letter of Credit to be provided with the Part 2 Proposal, please see Appendix 7 to the RFP Rules as well as the list of modifications to the Pre-Bid Letter of Credit that are acceptable to Ameren on an optional basis (posted under the heading “Spring 2015 Standard Products RFP Documents (FINAL)”.