SPV-85: Is it possible to qualify for the <25 kW Product Category if we plan to install 80-100 kW in stages?

To qualify for the sub-25kW category, additional capacity would have to be in the form of a separate system that is itself less than 25 kW in nameplate capacity (DC rating).

For example, it would be acceptable if separate Bids are offered in the SPV RFP for two or more systems that are co-located on the same site and that will be associated with separate Revenue Quality Meters and each interconnected into a separate meter associated with separate utility accounts. Each of these could qualify separately for the sub-25 kW category if each were less than 25 kW in nameplate capacity (DC rating). It would also be acceptable if two or more systems were co-located, all behind the utility meter of a single customer, but each being associated with a separate revenue quality meter and each having its own identifier in the applicable tracking system (GATS or MRETs).

If instead you are envisioning progressively adding capacity to a system with a single revenue quality meter and identified as a single generation source in the applicable tracking system, then each stage would not be a separate system. Thus, even if an addition were less than 25 kW, such an addition would not be a separate system that could be bid in separately to the SPV RFP. Furthermore, we note that if the initial system (without any of the additional stages) was below 25 kW and such a system was part of a winning bid in the SPV RFP, a change in system size that takes the system at 25 kW or above is a change that would not be acceptable under the terms of the SVP contract. The SPV contract holds that a change in the final system size may not result in a change of Size Category.