SPV-41: When will we be notified of our Part 1 Proposal status?

All bidders that submitted Part 1 Proposals will be notified on the Part 1 Notification date as to whether the bidder has qualified pursuant to a successful Part 1 Proposal.   While this formal notification is provided on the Notification date, the Procurement Administrator generally acknowledges receipt with the results of an initial review on the day the materials are received or the next business day. The initial review states either that the Part 1 Proposal is complete and is being considered, or the initial review lists items of the Part 1 Proposal that are incomplete or require clarification. If the Part 1 Proposal is incomplete or requires clarification, the Bidder will be offered the opportunity to correct or explain the deficiency as time allows. If the Bidder does not correct or adequately explain the deficiency within the time allowed, the Part 1 Proposal may be rejected. If the Part 1 Proposal is complete, the Procurement Administrator sends a notice that the Part 1 Proposal is complete and is being considered.

This FAQ has been updated since it was originally posted on 05-21-2015.