BEC-1: Is participation in the BEC RFP restricted to generation sources?

Under the supplier contract, there is no generation source specified for purposes of meeting  the obligations. A Product in the procurement of Block Energy is a constant quantity of energy to be supplied to a Company at the delivery point specified by that Company in either the On-peak Segment or the Off-Peak Segment of a specific month. The Target for a Product is expressed in number of 25 MW blocks.

In order to bid, a Bidder must meet the qualification requirements described in Sections IV and V of the RFP Rules. Notably, as fully described in Section IV, the Part 1 Proposal requirements include, but are not limited to, being a member of PJM in good standing (either as an Affiliate Member or as a Voting Member as those terms are defined by PJM) and/or a Certified Market Participant in MISO (as this term is defined by MISO).  This requirement must be met as of the opening of the Part 1 Window.